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A global bulletin board and marketplace for accessible & inclusive events!

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The Story of Eventida

Lee and Lisi founded their first business together in 2004, providing creative services to clients throughout over 300 web development and event projects.

They are Deaf, and Lisi has a soy allergy.

When they attend events, sometimes the experience is positive. Many times, it is not.

From a horrible concert experience during their wedding anniversary, to business conferences not making arrangements for interpreters or soy-free meals, to being left out at their children’s events.

They participated in Knowbility’s AIR challenge and discovered more accommodation issues. They also noticed clients struggling with online tools for event logistics and promotions.

We can do better.

They established Eventida on the side as a free event listing site and supported it for a few years. In 2016, they took the leap and shut down their client services to work full time on Eventida.

Eventida is committed to keeping all user features that help make events inclusive and accessible forever free. Please support them in their mission.


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What is #eventsday?

Mar 15, 2017     by Eventida Staff     0 comments
What is #eventsday?

Let's say you are involved with an event taking place in a few months, and you have an immediate deadline on another project. What’s going to get pushed to the back burner?

That's right, the event work.The thing is, it’s always something. And it can kill the success of your event.

We have a solution for you.

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The world is a stage, and all men and women are players. Together, we are changing the script.
Join us!

The Founders

Lisi Whitworth
CEO & Co-Founder of Eventida

Elise Whitworth has managed over 300 projects, a certificate in event planning from UCSD, and been trained in PMI principles at an IT Project Management course.

She has presented at SXSW (South by Southwest), Access U, LEAD Conference hosted by Kennedy Center, Southwest Conference on Disability, DeafNation World Expo, multiple Global Deaf Women retreats, Deaf Youth America retreat, at private company workshops, and more.

She was recognized as one of 30 Women to Watch by Utah Business magazine in 2014 and occasionally blogs on LinkedIn Pulse.

Lee Whitworth
CTO & Co-Founder of Eventida

Lee Whitworth is a seasoned webmaster with over 15 years of experience building and maintaining all kinds of websites. He also specializes in e-commerce and using internet marketing tools to boost traffic and sales.

He has provided group and one-on-one training on a variety of software apps to dozens of clients and staff, in between working on projects with his business partner and wife Elise.

His best talent is “figuring it out” - when a challenge presents itself or a bug stumps even the best of programmers - he is the guy who can figure out the problem or rig a solution.

The Team

Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire brings his favorite skill, problem-solving, to Eventida where we can solve our users problems with making and promoting accessible & inclusive events. Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to our operations, he is responsible for analyzing, streamlining our processes and procedures, providing support and training. Mark has been instrumental in improving our helpdesk and knowledgebase.

This Could Be You
A Promoter of Events

Apply now to be a part of Eventida’s crack eventineering team! We’re looking for multi-talented content specialists, web developers, and event professionals who are interested in using their skills to create unique opportunities for underserved audiences.

If you think you can do something wonderful with Eventida, email us your resume and let’s talk!

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